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A Collective


 Build hope, change lives, and restore families by investing monthly. 


Our Collective Members are a dedicated and thoughtful community of people giving monthly to show girls who have been victims of trauma or abuse, who are suffering from mental illness, or who's lives have become unmanageable that they are WORTH IT.

Attention Donors

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Our online donation platform automatically adds a 5% tip to themselves for being a "free" service. Before you check out, click the drop down where it says 5% and choose other and fill in zero before selecting finish. 

Your Monthly Gift Keeps
HER Future Bright

$25 - 5 school workbooks

$50 - Security system

$75 - 1 school credit 

$100 - Groceries for the week

$150 - A counseling session

$200 - Weekly parent support group

$250 - An entire day of therapeutic care

$500 - Power and heat

$1000 - 1 month of counseling for an entire family

$2500 - Funds a House Mom

Why Giving Monthly Matters

It Fits Your Budget 

Whatever your monthly gift, it accumulates to equip more young women with life-saving coping skills.


It Plans for the Future

Sustained donations enable us to strategically expand and innovate.


It Brings You Behind the Scenes 

Your commitment brings you closer to our work through exclusive updates on our progress and your impact.


It Gives HER Continued Support

All of our girls are survivors and month after month your gift can provide her resources when and where she needs them.

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