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Residential Program 

When your daughter and family are involved in our Residential Services she will be receiving the intensive care that she needs while living and attending school and counseling on campus.  House of Hope is set apart from all other Residential Services in that we want you, as parents or guardians, heavily involved! You will be required to be on campus several times a week to spend time with your daughter in the healing process and in counseling for yourself and your family.


While living at the house the girls will work through the following 3 Phase program, earning responsibility and privileges as they go while learning life skills in a safe and secure atmosphere. When the girls enter the program, they are expected to progress through the following phases while earning additional privileges and spending more time with their family.


Academy of Hope is our on campus school. The girls are taught using the A.C.E.-Accelerated Christian Education, School of Tomorrow Curriculum. Many of the girls are behind in their studies, and this program allows them to fill in learning gaps and work at full potential to catch up.  The ACE curriculum is designed for students to work at their own individual pace and helps them to not just pass a subject but to master it by not just memorizing but by truly absorbing the material! A teacher instructs and guides the class as they work on individual lessons or together on group projects. We have volunteers who help the girls as specific academic challenges arise.


Each resident receives one hour of private counseling per week with their therapist. 

When more in-depth therapy is required, the sessions may increase. The girls also learn how to handle specific issues in their weekly support group.

Parents are required to participate in one hour of counseling each week and attend our Family Life Training Workshops. Based on the individual family needs, parents' sessions may be for the couple or separate. As the family progresses, they will begin to meet as a 

family for counseling. 

Family Life Training happens every Tuesday night and is taught by our qualified counselors. Issues such as listening skills, conflict resolution, personality differences, and parenting skills are taught. Interactive activities are also done to help in the restoration and understanding process. This time is also used as a monthly parent support groups.

3 Phase Program 

Phase I 

Phase one focuses on obeying rules, respecting others and authority, learning basic life skills/manners.

Phase II

Phase two targets the issues affecting the family including issues such as low self-esteem, lack of respect, neglect, rebellion, manipulation, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and self-mutilation.

Phase three focuses on learning leadership skills and increased responsibility while concentrating on consistency.

Phase III

After a girl completes all 3 phases, we celebrate with a graduation ceremony and follow up with 6 weeks of counseling to allow everyone a chance to be sure the family is ready for complete reconciliation.

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